Aim for a great future for the next generations

Moving Life's Forwards

With its New Age Products to simplify our daily life, FTL Group is setting the standard for innovative methods to guarantee a better life for people.

Core Values

Core values are essential. Every firm with a strong culture has a defined set of fundamental values that support the mission of the organization. Values help you live out your "why" by explaining how you want other people to act.

Corporate governance

FTL changed throughout time from a company that sold just one product to one that operated several other businesses.

Code of conduct

A code of conduct is an essential resource for every business. Codes of conduct frequently take large-picture ideas related to the company's..

Corporate strategies of FTL Group

Building a solid corporate strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to market leaders, to achieve objectives and experience long-term success continuously.
Corporate strategy, where decisions are made on a company's overall growth and direction, is fundamentally concerned with the entirety of a firm.
Ultimately, corporate strategy is to add value, establish a distinctive marketing edge, and capture the largest possible market share.


"Our vision is to provide high quality budget-friendly hygienic products and services to a common man and to become an inspiring global leading brand and providing employment supporting "Make in India" mission."

Our company is always customer-friendly. We love to move forward by taking customers' advice all the time. To support the convenience of the customers, we are providing our services through supermarkets on every street so that customers need not travel so much distance to buy groceries and other food items. You can even avail of our other services by contacting our supermarkets.


"Our Mission is to inspire, provide and serve every person to establish the best future for tomorrow."

We have hardworking and dedicated employees who inspire everyone to achieve their goals and provide our customers with the best services. Considering everything and everybody to offer quality services irrespective of class, gender, religion, or place they live is what makes us stand out from other companies.

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What Our Users Say

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