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Altria's Responsibility Focus Areas were identified through our materiality assessment to be the most impactful Environmental, Social & Governance issues that promote long-term sustainability and success.

Who are we?

Many growth-related factors

FTL is a large corporation with businesses in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, food products, stationery items, electrical appliances, home appliances, real estate, medical services, financial services, beverages, publications, broadcast, and technology solutions. Having experience of more than ten years, this company is regarded as one of India's most valuable business corporations.

With its New Age Products to simplify our daily life, FTL Group is setting the standard for innovative methods to guarantee a better life for people. Our product line is constantly expanding to include all market categories, including food products, electrical and home appliances, beverages, stationery products, etc. We also provide services such as medical services, financial services, publications, real estate services, etc.

Taking Advantage of Institutional Resources

FTL's diversified businesses are competitive because of institutional assets such as deeper customer insights, cutting-edge Market research, unique product creation capacity, brand-building competence, robust manufacturing infrastructure, broad rural linkages, efficient trade distribution and marketing network, and dedicated people resources. The ability of FTL to make use of internal efficiencies present across its various businesses provides an excellent source of competitive advantage to its goods and services.

Our Objective

FTL's business model is based on offering goods and services to customers at reasonable costs and rewarding its employees. In pursuit of these noble goals, FTL engages in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and service activities, guaranteeing that they provide a solid income, wealth growth, and security to the associates. Additionally, with its top-notch, world-class consumer goods, FTL offers services to increase the nation's GDP and support its "Make in India" vision.


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